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March 26, 2017

Consciously Live in Wholeness

Paula Whang-Ramos


"There is no conflict for the householder or career person who yearns for Wholeness. Just think of the Divine in all that you do.
Never lose sight of Spirit and Spirit will direct your path."

~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Sometimes the mind will try to compartmentalize our lives. We have our spiritual life and our family life and our work life and our self-care life and our social life. When we divide our lives into segments, then our spiritual life may become less of a priority as individuals and activities from our other roles call for our more immediate attention. Before we know it, we've run out of time for our morning meditation, prayers and scripture study. As we venture further away from practices that support our conscious life in Wholeness, we may experience more stress, impatience and emotional reactivity.

In Yoga, our spiritual life is not a sub-section of our life that competes with our other daily roles.  A spiritual life in Wholeness is our life, it is what we are. As we learn to live in Oneness consciousness, the natural effect is more peace, love and wisdom in all the areas of our lives. When we live the roles of our life within the spiritual wholeness that we are, then we can more directly experience Spirit meeting us throughout the day in grace filled moments of blessing, joy and goodness.

March 19, 2017

How To Get and Stay Centered

Paula Whang-Ramos

"There are three ways to stay centered: surrender, surrender, surrender."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Surrender is a foundational practice in many spiritual traditions. In this tradition of Kriya Yoga, surrender does not mean giving up on our daily activities or life goals. Nor does it mean relinquishing responsibility for our thoughts, words, actions and their consequences. 

The practice of surrender involves surrendering the illusion that we are separate from the Divine. We surrender into the ongoing practice of giving up the false belief that the Source of life is outside of us and that we are less than whole. We surrender into the divine remembrance of the indwelling Divine presence and power that beats our hearts, breathes our breaths, and emerges as glimpses of inner peace even during stressful situations. And we surrender into the joy, clarity and love revealed from within. 

Our daily practice of meditation supports our practice of surrender. Meditation teaches us to let go of our stories of limitation, so we can inwardly open into the expansive inner peace, joy and clarity within us all. Resting in the core of our being, we are naturally centered in the One. 

March 12, 2017

Living in the Force for Good

Paula Whang-Ramos

"There is a force for good that operates the universe, and we can learn to cooperate with it."

~ Mr. Roy Eugene Davis 

Mr. Roy Eugene Davis, is one of the few living direct disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda. In alignment with his teacher's vision and life, Mr. Davis freely shares Kriya Yoga, the yogic teachings originally introduced in the USA by Yogananda in 1920. Mr. Davis is also Yogacharya O'Brian's spiritual teacher. We at Blue Lotus Center are very blessed to be supported in the stream of this living lineage of teachers. 

Are you ready to live beyond the tyranny of the mind and its stories of limitation and suffering? If so, then, you will want to join us at CSE this coming weekend for the rare opportunity to sit in the company of Mr. Davis and receive classical yogic teachings, just as Yogananda taught them to Mr. Davis over 60 years ago. Experience a retreat day of meditation, fellowship and practical, universal spiritual teachings to support a life of peace, love and wisdom. Learn ancient, effective meditation techniques and receive a blessing for a new beginning in a life of deeper consciousness, inner freedom and spiritual integrity.Join us and learn to consciously live in the force for good that flows through and around you right now. Let it inform your thoughts, words and actions into the fabulous life you deserve right now.

March 5, 2017

Honor the Teachers and the Supreme Teacher Within

Paula Whang-Ramos

"The supreme teacher is divine Consciousness residing within us.
The outer teacher is the mirror that shows us this truth."

~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

The Blue Lotus Center thrives in the wisdom and blessings of the teachers in this tradition of Kriya Yoga. Paramahansa Yogananda, a teacher in this lineage, was one of the first yogis to bring yoga to the United States in 1920. Yogananda was encouraged by his teacher, Swami Sri Yukteswar, to freely share the classical yoga teachings of Kriya Yoga with sincere seekers of all backgrounds in our country.

In 1949, Yogananda accepted Mr. Roy Eugene Davis as a student and later blessed him to  serve in this honored role as teacher. Mr. Davis continues to serve as Yogacharya O'Brian's teacher, as she serves as the teacher for me, and many others at CSE and around the world. At Blue Lotus Center, all of the teachings offered in the classes, meditation groups, and the weekly newsletters are inspired by and based on the generous hearts of the teachers from this lineage. 

Join us this Tuesday evening at CSE and this Wednesday evening at Blue Lotus Center, when we honor the transitions of Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar and the birthday of Mr. Davis. Be restored in a meditative celebration to honor the wisdom within us all that is reflected in the lives and service of these teachers. Celebrate gratitude to the outer teachers who see and call forth the supreme teacher from within us all.