Lahiri Mahasaya

"There is a subtle bond between the soul and the senses. The mind is the connecting link between the soul and the senses. Divine perceptions are acquired when the senses are spiritualized. Joy, sweetness, and exultation fill the entire being

when the sense faculties are purified and inspired by the purity of the soul. The body is the holy temple.

God as the indwelling soul is the deity. One who is enlightened knows this truth."
-Lahiri Mahasaya

"One [supreme] Self is the ultimate Reality. It is the source of everything. The soul is immortal.

God’s attributes permeate it. Let your spiritual path be God-communion."
Lahiri Mahasaya

Lahiri Mahasaya (September 30, 1828 – September 26, 1895), a disciple of Mahavatar Babaji, and the guru of Sri Yukteswar, demonstrated the life of an ideal householder yogi. He is called the father of Kriya Yoga, having been instrumental in bringing the ancient teachings to the modern world and making them accessible to all people including householders, women, and people of various faiths.

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