February 26, 2017

Get Off the Stress Merry-Go-Round!

Paula Whang-Ramos

"Changing our thoughts is useful but changing our consciousness is transforming. This transformation comes through the experience

of divine communion, experiencing our essential nature beyond words and thoughts."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Life improvement strategies often involve changing undesired thoughts, words and actions that no longer serve our goals. However, over time, we may become exhausted in the never-ending search for another new strategy to respond to ever new stressors and mounting life goals. On this path, we may become perpetual "seekers" of peace, rather than "finders" of the unshakable love and happiness that we truly seek and deserve in this lifetime. To live in peace amidst chaos, in love amidst fear, and in joy amidst grief, the ancient yogic teachings remind us that there is no new learning that is required. Instead, we need to UNlearn certain mental habits and to remember essential aspects of our Selves that we forgot 

In addition to the services offered at Blue Lotus Center, we are blessed to receive two powerful CSE opportunities to help us remember and return to the indwelling unshakable peace, fierce love and deep joy that remains ever strong, amidst our changing life circumstances.  First, on Saturday, March 18, Mr. Roy Eugene Davis will be offering teachings in Kriya Yoga, universally practical, ancient techniques for conscious living (Kriya) in and from our essential wholeness (Yoga). Second, Yogacharya O'Brian offers Dharma 365!, a powerful, practical independent study program infused with the energy and wisdom to support participants' awakening into our essential unshakable clarity, peace and joy we seek. Dharma 365! participants are welcome to enroll throughout the year.

Are you ready to get off the seekers merry-go-round of calmness and stress and calmness and stress, and become a finder of what we took birth for? Join us at CSE and BLC and open into a life transformed in the peace, wisdom and joy of our divine nature. We are the wholeness that we seek. We deserve to live in that wholeness, and the world needs this transformative awakening from us now.

February 19, 2017

Restorative Prayer Moments

Paula Whang-Ramos

"Be willing to pause for a 'prayer moment' anytime during the day that the inclination arises. Watch for it."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Prayer can be a sacred time when we privately rest in the Source of Life. During these inner interludes, we commune in the divine power, presence and wisdom within and around us. In prayer, we are restored in the energy of the eternal Friend, who loves to remind us of the peace, joy and wisdom that It is and that we are. 

 As we proceed through the activities of the day, we can also actively look for and step into those moments in which we can consciously reconnect in the Divine. These prayer moments may arise when we are walking to our car and notice a daisy growing up through the concrete parking lot, or when we feel the gentle evening breeze kiss our face as we go retrieve our mail, or when we realize we made it through a challenging day. 

Even more obvious and subtle than these daily events, is the gift of each in-breath as a prayer moment to turn within. We can breathe into the love and gratitude that sustains us through the blessings and growing edges of our lives. In truth, every single moment holds within it the potential to be a prayer moment. May we grant ourselves many, many opportunities to breathe into the indwelling Friend who waits to love us back into our own essential wholeness. 

February 12, 2017

Open Into the Divine Unfoldment of Your Life

Paula Whang-Ramos

"Cultivate the inspiration and the anticipation that your life is a divine unfoldment.

Know that greater good, beyond your current knowledge, is right now coming your way." 
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Preparing for a recent trip to a family party in Sacramento. I heard the inner guidance to pack my camera. Knowing the many more skillful photographers who would be attending, and the challenge of carrying my large camera on the train, I was initially reluctant to do so. However, the inner guidance was persistent, so I found a way to bring it with me. 

On our way to the party, my cousin and I were inspired to visit the nearby memorial for my father at the14th hole of  his favorite golf course. And then my cousin said the most amazing thing. She said, "You can bring your camera and take pictures of your dad's special place." In that moment, my heart knew the real reason I was called to bring my camera. 

Over the years, the 14th hole has matured into a peaceful, serene resting place filled with huge trees, a small pond, abundant animal life, and beautiful clouds that held back the rain - just long enough for our visit. We sat on my father's memorial bench and soaked in the welcoming energy of peace and love that resides there. Through the lens of my camera, my heart experienced the qualities of this special place that my father loved and personally selected. I will remember that day as a blessed opportunity to be with my family - in person and in Spirit.

Sometimes, we may not know why we do what we are called to do. As spiritual practice, we can open our minds, listen from the heart, and follow the divine guidance revealed from within. When we have ears to hear and courage to follow, then incredible, unexpected expressions of divine love can be experienced by us. Try it and see for yourself. 

February 5, 2017

From Striving to Thriving
Paula Whang-Ramos

"Do not strive to fix the world; that is arrognce.  Instead, love the world as your own self

and strive to change any part of your life that does not reflect this truth."

~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

When we are upset with a situation or a person, we may be tempted to blame them for our anger, fear, confusion, unrest. We may even want to change that person, so we feel better. However, when we use our vital force in this way, we are consciously or unconsciously giving our power to the very situation that is stressing us out in the first place!   

Alternatively, the heart of wisdom teachings around the world all remind us that the eternal wholeness, peace, love and wisdom that we yearn for, already exists within us. This means that our authentic peace, essential goodness, and worthiness of love is not determined by a circumstance, or by another person's words or actions. It is determined by us. 

Spiritual growth and maturity reveals the power of our choice to learn to live in these qualities, even in the presence of challenging circumstances. If we want peace, wisdom, and wholeness then we must choose to cultivate the courage to make necessary course corrections away from our emotional, mental, and behavioral attachments to others' words and actions. Instead, we turn, again and again, towards our inner integrity and wholeness that waits to be remembered by us.

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