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Accept the Gift

Paula Whang-Ramos

"When awareness is clarified, the reality of the Self is revealed."

Yoga Sutra 1.47

Imagine having a mind so clear that the peace, love and wisdom of our higher Self shines through our thoughts, words and actions. Imagine knowing how to redirect the mind back to this integrity of Wholeness when it begins to react emotionally from our stories of limitation and fear. Imagine learning to use the mind to live in the soul's joy! Imagine learning these ancient, time-tested teachings from a master teacher who has been living them for decades. Imagine no more.

We are very blessed to have the opportunity to receive these teachings from Yogacharya O'Brian in her upcoming 3 week class
"How To Have a Wise Mind and a Compassionate Heart". Based on her decades of study and direct experience, Yogacharya will share a time of inspiration, meditation and teachings from The Yoga Sutra, the oldest manual on yoga and meditation. During this time of great change, we can all benefit from accepting the gift of these practical teachings from Yogacharya and the teachers in this lineage of Kriya Yoga. Ground your Self in ancient practices that teach the mind to live in the inherent wholeness of the Self that indwells us all. 

Blue Lotus Center, Dry Creek Village, Gilroy
(live streaming of the CSE class)

Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, 1146 University Ave, San Jose
Tuesdays, May 9 - May 23, 2017, 7-9 PM
~Free Will Offering


The Peace Beneath the Problem

Paula Whang-Ramos

"To experience the real solution to a problem, enter the temple of spiritual Truth beyond words and thoughts.
Sit in the silence, receptive to your soul’s inspiration. It will come."

~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Surrendering the illusion that we are separate from Wholeness is a foundational practice in Kriya Yoga. When we live this practice of surrender, we learn to release the falsehood that we are less than whole. We learn to open, again and again, into the way that divine power, presence and wisdom flows through us and every situation in our lives. Living from this deeper spiritual consciousness offers a very useful and fulfilling way to address life challenges.

Our daily practice of sitting meditation is a foundational practice to experience and mature our lives into our surrendered wholeness. When we sit in meditation, again and again, we release the inner dialogue of stories of separation and limitation. We learn to concentrate within as we directly experience the clarity, intuition and divine wisdom that indwells us. We learn to sit in the inner silence of our soul on and off the meditation cushion/chair, as we open into inspiration to guide us through a problem, back into our wholeness. And, our lives naturally become more peaceful, clarified, and joy filled as our intuition and the spiritual wisdom of Wholeness guides us from within.


Live In the Divine Flow of YES

Paula Whang-Ramos

"The primary discipline of the spiritual life is to let ourselves be drawn by the soul’s natural love

for what is life-giving.  In other words, we are to fall in love with our life."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Can you recognize large and small acts of divine grace in your daily life? To the best of your ability, do you live in a way that brings joy to your soul and gratitude to your heart, even during challenging circumstances? In this situation/relationship/ moment, are your thoughts, words and actions guided by the Wholeness that sources all life? These are a few of the questions I ask myself throughout my day and evening. These questions help me realize and return my consciousness into the soul's wholeness, joy, love and gratitude.

If my answer to the answer to these questions is "YES", then I know I am living in alignment with my highest, greatest good, and I am loving life! I have a broader perspective and deeper appreciation of Oneness that holds and guides my life into peace, love, and wholeness. I actively seek and joyfully surrender into divine grace in the moment, knowing that all is well, even if my mind cannot comprehend how this is so.  Conversely, if the answer to these questions is "no", or "hmmm" or "I don't  know" or anything except YES, then I know that I am living from the restless mind's endless pursuit of unmet desires, and  life seems more frustrating and less fulfilling. 

In spiritual practice, we learn that within us is the power to cultivate thoughts, words and actions in support of joyful lives of "YES". When a "no" moment arises, we learn to cultivate thoughts, words, and actions that redirect us back into our essential peace and wholeness. Returning, again and again, into the flow of "YES", we fall in love with our lives!


Powerful Breath in Peace

Paula Whang-Ramos

"Sweep away negative and self-defeating thoughts with a conscious out-breath. Welcome happiness back into your heart and mind

with a conscious in-breath.  It only takes a moment. One transforming moment."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

Ahh...The power of a beautiful life-enhancing breath. The breath is a foundational tool to calm and focus the mind during our sitting meditation practice. And, as we proceed through our daily activities, we can continue to use the breath to return and restore ourselves in the inner peace we experienced during our meditation. 

When we breathe in, we can follow each in-breath into our hearts, and take a moment to rest in the eternal peace within. When we breathe out, we can use each out-breath to let go of any distracting, unhelpful thoughts that interfere with our ability to breathe into our inner peace. Every single in-breath is an opportunity to be restored in the inner wisdom and joy that we are. Every single out-breath is an opportunity to infuse our thoughts, words and actions with these soul qualities. Over and over again, throughout the day and evening, may we gift ourselves the opportunity to consciously return within and to share the inner beauty that we find there with our selves and with all life.