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April 4, 2021

For Highest Wisdom, Look Within

Paula Whang-Ramos

"Our ability to perceive the highest wisdom is facilitated by the purity of the intellect

rather than accumulating information, no matter how valuable or lofty it is.
Those who seek truth must look beyond books. Look within."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian 03/31/2021

I used to admire spiritual leaders who could interpret a Bible passage in a depth and richness that broke my heart open into God. And yet, when I read that same Bible myself, I was often at best, confused, and at worst, completely uninspired spiritually. And I would wonder what divine wisdom the other person had that I seemed to lack, despite my decades of study of Christian scripture, the historical context of its stories, and the historical creation of the Bible itself? Interestingly, it wasn't until we studied the Christian Bible in the CSE Kriya Yoga Meru Seminary that I was able to experience the Divine reflected in this sacred text.

Kriya Yoga offers a path to mature our inner spiritual ears to hear and spiritual eyes to see Truth from within. In the inherent Wholeness that is the philosophical foundation of Yoga, we stop seeking God and the authentic answers to our lives in a book, even a powerfully spiritual book. Instead, we learn how these sacred texts reflect the innate divine wisdom that resides within us all, regardless of the presence or absence of religiosity in our lives. Our refined inner vision and hearing clarify our innate wisdom, intuition, and inspiration that shines in the space between the words of spiritual texts from all wisdom traditions. Today, I still love listening to spiritual leaders from enlightened traditions, and I am even more inspired knowing that their spiritual mirrors reflect the divine intelligence available within us all.

Join us at CSE for the next two Monday evenings, for Awaken the Inner Spark of Divinity: The Beatitudes Through the Lens of Kriya Yoga with Rev. Sundari Jensen. Experience this rare opportunity to experience Jesus' "Sermon on the Mount" from a Yogic perspective. Gift your Self time in divine remembrance of the wisdom that indwells us all.

Study, meditate and grow with others devoted to thriving in peace, love, and wholeness. Make this the year that we affirm and skillfully live in peace - in our minds, our hearts, our families, our community, and our world. Blue Lotus Meditation & Yoga Center welcomes sincere seekers from all backgrounds.

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“If anything disturbs your peace, practice having faith that divine grace is already actively at work restoring wholeness and well-being.

Then make any necessary adjustments in harmony with that insight.”
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian, Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

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