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September 1, 2019

Living in the Source of Life

Paula Whang-Ramos

"There is a mighty transforming power at work in our lives and our world, and its call to new life is victorious.
Fear and negativity are no match for divine love."

~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O’Brian

Amidst our reactions to the noise and activity of our daily lives, it can be easy to forget that there is a deeper, more inspiring, more healing way to live in the world. Beneath the fear and negativity of the mind, is the quiet, wise, loving presence of the Source of Life that waits to be remembered by us. This Source of creation has outlived every change, loss, and difficult emotional reaction in the history of humanity. It remains ever-present within and around us, even when we forget that we live within It. And, when we learn to consciously live from this unconditionally loving Presence, then our lives, and all life, can change for the better.

We are blessed with 4 opportunities to be supported in lives victoriously lived free from fear.

  1. 09/08/19 - Save the date next Sunday afternoon for the special opportunity to receive Bhagavad Gita  teachings from Yogacharya O'Brian. The Gita reveals how we can make inner course corrections away from lives lived in fear and negativity, and into lives nourished, guided and overflowing in Divine Love.
  2. 09/04/19 - Join us this Wednesday at BLC as we continue our introductory exploration into the Bhagavad Gita.
  3. 09/01/19 - Today, download the daily Gita  reading schedule and begin the journey with us at BLC and CSE into Divine Love.
  4. Join us at CSE  each morning at 6:30am for  daily morning meditation and Gita study.

For the well-being of ourselves and all life, consciously choose to step into the transforming power of peace, love and wholeness today.

Meditate superconsciously with us at Blue Lotus Center. Awaken, study, and be inspired in a meditative community committed to reclaim and to live from the spiritual integrity and wholeness that we all are. Contribute to the realization of peace in our minds, our hearts, our families, our community and our world. Blue Lotus Meditation & Yoga Center welcomes sincere seekers from all backgrounds.Blue Lotus Meditation & Yoga Center welcomes sincere seekers from all backgrounds.

“If anything disturbs your peace, practice having faith that divine grace is already actively at work restoring wholeness and well-being.

Then make any necessary adjustments in harmony with that insight.”
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian, Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment

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