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Inspirational Messages

“If anything disturbs your peace, practice having faith that divine grace is already actively at work restoring wholeness and well-being. Then make any necessary adjustments in harmony with that insight.”
Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian, Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment


Live Your Magnificent Life

Paula Whang-Ramos

"To live a magnificent life, cultivate a mind of wisdom, a heart of devotion, and hands of service."
~ Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian

 I love this inspiration for what it says, and for what it does not say. For example, it does not say that we need to earn, grow, negotiate or develop a magnificent life. Instead, we are called to live the magnificent life that we already have, right here and right now. How do we more fully recognize and occupy these magnificent lives? This inspiration guides us:

to practice meditation to quiet the mind so we can hear the still small Voice of wisdom within;
to study our true spiritual nature and sacred scripture so we can live from the One Divine Heart of Wholeness that enlivens us all; and
to live and serve from the overflow of inner peace, love and wisdom that naturally arises from with a magnificently realized life.

Our deep listening within, steadfast devotion to our True Selves, and lives lived from the overflow of inner peace can provide the inner courage, clarity and compassion we deserve as we walk through all of our magnificent life experiences, including those that may scare us a little.

Meditate with us at Blue Lotus Center. Join us and realize the magnificent life waiting to be lived from within you now! Learn ancient, time-tested spiritual practices to help us live from our essential wholeness. Study, meditate, and grow with others devoted to thriving in peace, love and wisdom. Make this the year that we affirm and skillfully live in peace - in our minds, our hearts, our families, our community and our world. 

Blue Lotus Meditation & Yoga Center welcomes sincere seekers from all backgrounds.